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Here is a quick tutorial on how to make perfect seals every time.  Trim you wick with a scissor.  Use a lighter to light the wick.  The wax is slightly flammable so it is always best to hold the wax stick horizontal when dripping.  Keep the wax very close to the paper; that way hot wax drips won’t go all over the place.  Push the edge of the wax stick into the drips of wax, careful not to put out the flame yet.  When you have a large enough pool of wax, push the flame into the pool of wax.  This will keep the end from smoking.  Push your seal into the wax and wait about 10 seconds.  Gently rock the seal out of the wax.  If you don’t like the result you can melt more wax right over the top and it will melt the wax underneath.  This is a great way to make sure each seal is just right.